Cloé Hedger Inner Circle

Cloé Hedger Inner Circle

Cloé Hedger Inner Circle

A Safe Spiritual Space

Cloé Hedger Inner Circle

 for people who have a love for all things Paranormal. Make friends in a safe spiritual space.

Some of the things we get up to in the club!

Message from the Universe Daily card pull for the collective.

Spirit Box Session LIVE
Every month there will be a LIVE Spirit Box Session event for members only.

The Haunted 
Paranormal activity on film. 

Ghost Gallery
Share your ghostly pictures, from Orb's, Angels, Faeries, Nature Spirits and Sprites, faces in fires, candles and walls.

Chit Chat
Chat with other club members.

Here you will find useful links plus discount's to Cloe's metaphysical store.

Yearly Club Meet Up
Yearly event for members to meet in person.

How much does it cost? You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription. 

The monthly subscription of $3.99 in £s its approx £2.90 that equates to approx 70p a week.

The yearly subscription of $34.99 in £s that is approx £25 a saving of 3 months membership for the year.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

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